General purpose hydrants 25

To meet your expectations and to make the choice easier for you, we added the general purpose HW-25 hydrants to our product range.

Versatile design makes it possible to connect the valve on the right or on the left side of the cabinet, with the door opening to the right or left, respectively. This way the fitter can decide for himself on which side to install the valve and which way the door should open. This solution makes it easier to install the hydrant depending on the arrangement of the water system and its subsequent use.

In comparison with the standard GRAS hydrants, the new models have reduced overall dimensions and can be connected only to the Ø25 mm water piping.

Changes in the design of the cabinet do not affect the hydrant’s functionality, its performance parameters and its range of water throw in any way, because the hydrant’s fittings – the Ø25 mm valve and the fire hose nozzle did not change. The commodity code of the hydrants did not change, only the GENERAL PURPOSE description was added.