Hydrants 25

HW-25 indoor hydrant with a DN25 semi-rigid hose is available in the wall-mounted and embedded version.

The cabinet frame is made of 1 mm thick galvanized steel sheet (or optionally of stainless steel sheet), bent on all sides; pressure welded and welded connections.

The door is made of 1 mm thick galvanized steel sheet (or optionally stainless steel sheet), with a 180˚ opening angle. The door can be solid or with a Plexiglas window. Sheet metal double folded on all sides, fastened to the frame with pintle hinges, ensuring a close fit of the door against the frame.

The cabinet is painted with epoxy-polyester powder coating, at least 80µm thick, red color RAL3000 or white RAL9010 as a standard. Upon the customer’s special request it is possible to paint the cabinet with any color from the RAL color palette. The substrate is prepared for painting by using state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology, which ensures perfect and durable adhesion of paint to the painted surface and additional protection against corrosion.

Hose reel with disk diameter Ø500 mm or Ø600 mm made of 1.2 mm metal sheet, pressed, painted with epoxy-polyester coating (RAL 3000). The bearing assembly is made of polypropylene bushings, slightly braking during rotation. Its swing angle is 180°. The reel can hold a DN25 semi-rigid delivery hose of 20 or 30 running meters. The reel is equipped with a brass water axis, which enables fire-fighting with a water jet from any hose length.

The HW-25 hydrant can be connected to the (water) hydrant system Ø25 mm (1"), or if a Ø50 mm (2") connection is required, the hydrant is equipped with a DN50 hydrant valve with a 52 socket and a special adapter Ø50 / Ø25.

In hydrants of the “KOMBI”, “SK”, “KP” type a manual fire alarm box (ROP) can be installed in the cabinet’s frame.

Every hydrant cabinet is locked with one of two types of locks: Euro or Yale. A Euro lock is an aluminum rotating handle equipped with holes for leaden seals as a standard, whereas a Yale lock is a mortise cylinder lock equipped with two keys. One key (spare) is attached to the door panel behind a 1 mm hardened glass pane. The glass pane meets all safety requirements.

The frame and door of the hydrant cabinet can optionally be equipped with tongues for hanging a safety leaden seal.

On the external side of the hydrant cabinet door panel is the “Indoor hydrant” safety sign in accordance with the PN-92/N-01256/01 Polish Standard and the conformance certificate number. Hydrant operating instructions are placed in the top part of the door pane on the inside.